School information

2-day school (20-21.09.2013) within the EUPROMETA Doctoral Programme will be organized.

The school topic is "Bottom-up fabrication of metamaterials"



- Introduction 

- Prof. Thomas Bürgi, Université de Genève.

Why a bottom-up approach of metamaterials ?  


- Nanochemistry - and self assembly methods :

- Dr. Anton Kuzyk, Max Planck Institute Stuttgart, Germany

Self assembly of meta-atoms by specific ligands like DNA.

- Dr. Jacques Leng, Laboratory of the Future, Solvay-CNRS-University of Bordeaux. 

Microfluidics technology for self-assembly of meta-atoms

- Dr Dorota Pawlak, Institute of Electronic Materials Technology, Warsaw, Poland

What materials science can give to metamaterials and what metamaterials can give to materials science?

Directional solidification to metamaterials and plasmonic materials

- Prof. Mona Treguer, ICMCB, University of Bordeaux.

Capabilities offered by chemistry and nanochemistry for the mass synthesis of engineered resonators for visible light and THz frequencies.


- Some consequences of disorder in MTMs

 - Prof. Matteo Albani, University of Siena, Italy

Numerical approach of disordered materials

 - Dr. Ashod Aradian, CRPP, CNRS Bordeaux,  

Disorder in self-assembled materials and metamaterials.


- Optical properties 

 - Prof. Jeremy Baumberg, Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge, UK  

Optical properties of bottom-up metamaterials



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